Soap Box Derby

Want to Enter the Soap Box Derby?

The Pictou Lobster Carnival is actively seeking Soap Box Derby participants for our July festival
The Derby Races take place on Battery hill. Registration for the races begins at 9 am car inspections take place at 9:30 am with racing beginning at 10am. The races start off with two participants at the top of the hill, when the announcer says go, the two participants race to the bottom of the hill. The first participant who crosses the finish line wins. The winner will then continue on to the next race against a new challenger. This continues until all participants have ran down the hill. The winner of the last race wins the Derby 1st place title and the other racers face off for 2nd and 3rd place. The format may change depending on the number of entrants. Beverages, freezies and hot dogs will be available to all entrants and their families. Medals will be awarded to all drivers

Thanks to King Freight Truck all participants and their cars are able to participate in the Mardi Gras Parade. The Derby cars are secured to the flat bed of his truck and the participants sit inside the cars while going through the parade.

Rules and Regulations:
The Pictou Lobster Carnival Soap Box Derby Races are sponsored and operated by the Pictou and Area Lions Club.

All entrants must wear an approved (CSA or MOT) bicycle or motorcycle helmet with a chin strap, elbow pads, long-sleeve jacket or sweatshirt (no tees or tank-tops) and pants (no shorts).

Footwear must be sneakers, shoes or boots (no sandals or bare feet).

The car must be equipped with an operating braking system that must be proven to the inspection crew to be working.

The steering system must have limiters installed so that there can be no more movement than 1 inch left or right from center (this is to prevent losing steering control).

There must be a minimum of 2.5 - 3 inches road clearance from the bottom of the car.

All cars will be inspected prior to racing to ensure that the car is safe to race.

The driver's feet and legs must be totally enclosed within the shell of the car.

All cars must have 4 wheels with a minimum diameter of 6 inches (no shopping cart wheels).

John Wilson         902-485-4729
Lyle MacDougall     902-331-1896

Soap Box Derby Registration Form