The Lobster Carnival is looking for event coordinators and volunteers to help with the

events and activities. We need help in ALL areas, as well as the fundraising events

leading up to the carnival.  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator of the event you

would like to help with if you are able to give some time to this year's Festival.


Our Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds,ranging from professionals to

students to homemakers. Volunteers of all backgrounds are welcomed.

Our meetings are held one evening each month which should last

approximately an hour until we get closer to the date then they will become

more frequent.  I do however want to stress to the public that this is your event

and you DO have input and we very much welcome it.


If you have an idea you would like to share, something you feel should

be looked at being changed or added, we welcome it. Send us an email,

come to a meeting, but keep in mind, we are all volunteers and things may not

get changed or added unless people step up to help out. There are a variety of ways

that someone can help out.


Every event needs volunteers and it all costs money to run,

as well as time to pull it all together.        



Contact the Volunteer Coordinator